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  • Aaron Lentz
    Aaron Lentz Co-Founder

    Aaron hails from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  He grew up always getting in trouble and struggling with drugs.  At age 14 he spent time in juvy, at age 16 was in a life threatening car accident, and at age 18 found himself sentenced to three years in prison. Over the next six years he would start to use opiates every day and finally at age 24, found himself in rehab. Since then, he has graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in IT, started a successful web development business, is newly engaged, and has over 4 years clean. He constantly attends meetings and wanted to start a business that further helped people dealing with addiction. When he’s not working steps you can catch him surfing or eating Chinese food.

  • Mark Blum-Anderson
    Mark Blum-Anderson Co-Founder

    Mark is from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Land of amazing natural wonders but also the land of a terrible drug epidemic. Growing up in a suburban nuclear family, everything was as it should be until Mark discovered drugs and alcohol around the age of 14. What started as experimentation gradually became addiction until his family intervened and he sought treatment at the ages of 17, 19, 28, 30 and finally 35. With a couple slips Mark has maintained sobriety for much of the last 7 years and attributes everything good in his life to that. Along with maintaining his own sobriety he also helps others with theirs. In his free time Mark enjoys playing the banjo, screen printing and traveling around his adopted home of Costa Rica with his lovely wife and dog.

Custom Shirts Made Just for You!



Just give us your sobriety date, and we will turn the clock to match it!

For example, say your clean date is January 20th 2016. We place the hands of the clock to 1:20 and change the year as well.

This is a great way to represent your recovery and be proud of how far you’ve come. It also makes a great sobriety anniversary gift for someone you love who is sober and clean!

Available in MEN and WOMEN

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