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ODAAT Forever

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The thought of maintaining continuous sobriety for the rest of our lives is sometimes too big of a thought to have. One day at a time or even one second at a time is a much more manageable idea. Our shirt “One Day at a Time Forever“ is a subtle attempt at humor around this subject. Hope you like it! Remember, recovery is always the goal.

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Amend Apparel t-shirt-mockup-featuring-a-hipster-man-with-a-long-beard-in-a-studio-44924-r-el2-e1620775997520-150x150 ODAAT Forever Amend Apparel mockup-of-a-bearded-man-wearing-a-t-shirt-in-a-studio-37446-r-el2-6-e1634654515447-150x150 ODAAT Forever