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5 Best Cities for Sober Living and 1 of the Worst, #5 Will Surprise You!

 In Recovery
Look, we are not saying to run away from your problems, we know that doesn’t work. “Pulling a geographic” as they say. If you do find yourself making a move or starting over somewhere new in recovery, here are some excellent places to do that.


#1. Delray Beach, FL– Delray Beach, FL is a great place for living sober and staying clean and serene! With NA meetings and AA meetings as easy to find as a cold beer and many options for treatment, this would be the ideal place for someone looking to get sober and stay sober. There must be the reason it is know as the recovery capital of the USA. Also, who could pass up a those Florida beaches. (Just watch out for Florida man.)


#2. Minneapolis– With a growing sober curious movement as well as being known as the Land of 1,000 treatment centers, Minneapolis/St. Paul could be one of the best places to live a sober lifestyle. The area is the home to Hazelden, possibly one of the best treatment centers in the world as well as many other options. Also, they have sober high schools, meetings, great access to treatment and that friendly midwestern charm. Addiction treatment as we know it was born here so you can expect that mentality to make its way into daily life.


#3. Boston, MA– This list would not be complete without the addition of this city. Supposedly this is a smart educated city with plenty of sober activities and meetings to be a part of. The historic aspect of this city brings numerous activites, tours and museums, so you can enjoy your sobriety while learning. Check out Namastay Sober, a Massachusetts based charity whose goal is to help people recovering from addiction get better through inclusivity and connection based activities for recovering addicts.


#4. New York, New York– The sheer size of this place basically guarantees a different meeting every hour of every day. In fact there are over 4,000 active AA meetings in the city as well as hundreds of other 12 step based meetings. If you can get past the cost of living this should be on your list of possibilities for a new sober home.


#5. San Jose, Costa Rica– This may have never crossed your mind as a great city to practice recovery because it’s a well kept secret know to few. There is a such a large ex-pat community that there are enough people in recovery to be able to hold English NA or AA meetings every day. There are a number of excellent English speaking rehab centers as well so help is always there when you need it. On top of that, life is interesting when living in another country and you will never have a dull moment. A peaceful tropical place to live and recover.


And now for the worst:


Baltimore, MD– There are many terrible places to be if you are an addict, including your own town, but Baltimore MD is the place we have chosen as the worst. This city has the highest number of heroin addicts and highest number of heroin related crime in the country. On the other hand because of this there must be plenty of sober resources but why temp fate?


There you have it folks, this is not a definitive list by any means but certainly could help you if you’re looking for a change. As always the most important things is to stay sober, without that none of it matters.
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