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How my recovery has changed since the pandemic started

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For the past 2 years, I would drive downtown every Wednesday night and open the doors for the night meeting that I chaired. I would go in, set up the chairs, get the coffee maker going, find all the readings needed to be passed around, and greet people as they filed in the door. This was the small way I contributed to our group, I also enjoyed spending the time with those like myself in recovery. Oftentimes after the meeting, we would go grab a bite to eat and catch up. The “meeting after the meeting” was a large part of my social life. This has all been turned around since COVID 19. 

When social distancing requirements stopped these gatherings from happening, I was pretty concerned about what that meant for my own and my friends’ recovery. These meetings were a way to connect with people and attending them helped me keep a balance in my life. On top of all of that, like most people in recovery, I don’t like change!

To fill this void our group has started, out of necessity, doing online meetings. This was a little weird at first for me. Trying to open up and be intimate through Zoom video conferences was not easy right away. I also have always been great at social distancing and isolation so actually getting myself into the online meeting was a bit of a chore at first. But like with anything, the more I attended the more I got used to this format. I kept an open mind and took solace knowing that everyone else in my homegroup was dealing with the same situation. It is actually pretty amazing how quickly people can adapt to new ways of doing things if they stay optimistic and give it a chance. I would say that after two weeks of doing things like this, it became the new normal for me and what I had to do for my recovery in order to stay clean. 

On top of getting used to online meetings, I found that I am calling my sponsor much more often. Before the novel coronavirus started, I admittedly was calling my sponsor probably once or twice a week. However, now with not being able to go to in person meetings, not physically meeting with my sponsor or sponsees as much, and just the overall shift with all these new changes to my typical routine, I find myself getting on a call with my sponsor all the time! (I am sure he is just thrilled.) Whether it is a quick check in to say “Hi” or an in depth conversation about the meaning of life, the connection I have with my sponsor is extremely important to maintain during these times of uncertainty in the world. 

Overall, I think myself and the people in my homegroup are using all the tools at our disposal to help one another out. I am definitely grateful to be living in an age where we can use technology to connect with each other. Although it may not be quite the same as meeting in person, it will do for now!

How has your recovery changed since the pandemic started? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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