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“The Misunderstood Monster”By Lilly Lentz, Sister of a Fallen Addict

The Misunderstood Monster

By Lilly Lentz, Sister of a Fallen Addict


Some think he was selfish,

they think he got to choose.

Others say the habit took over,

and that his brain made him use.


We cannot know for certain,

we will never know instead.

I may not have the addiction,

but his monster still lives inside my head.


You are forced to live the life,

when you love someone who used.

From age 17-26,

I had already lost him to the narcotics he abused.


If love could have saved him,

he would have lived forever.

But three years in prison froze his addiction in time,

and forced sobriety works rarely, almost never.


Addiction should not be crime,

psychology should be a matter of public health.

The monster has reached all populations,

from the homeless to the top 2% in wealth.


Prison is not a place,

for those struggling with a drug habit.

An addict’s mind is resistant to punishment,

attention to behavior? Prison cannot grab it.


I do not believe addicts choose to become addicted,

I believe the issue rests much deeper.

Some life factor typically makes them use,

we all have some sort of grim reaper.


His monster won the battle,

just like millions of others alike.

So I strive to help prevent,

the monster from continuing to strike.


I am set out to make it known,

that which I wish my brother knew.

That the only way to get passed the monster,

is by getting through.

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