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The Top 10 Sobriety or Recovery Instagram Accounts We Like! (And You Should Too).

There is currently a strong and growing sobriety community that can be found on Instagram. The members of this community are individuals who have stopped using drugs and alcohol, changed their life for the better, and are now helping others do the same through the use of this social network.  These people use their voice and insight to help promote a healthy and positive lifestyle. We want to bring attention to these people because they have helped us in our recovery, and we want to spread the love!

Here is a list of our favorite recovery or sobriety related Instagram accounts (in no particular order);


top_sobriety_instagram_accountsFollow The Bread Crumbs

@follow.the.bread.crumbs This girl is all about sobriety, serenity, and doing life on lifes terms. She has been sober since 2010 and works to educate others about addiction. She wants to break the stigma that often gets attached to addicts and alcoholics which we have experienced firsthand. She often posts inspiring quotes and words to live by. Check out her website and give her a follow.



Recover out loud llc

@recoveroutloudlcc This page has set out to promote sobriety and shed light on the reality of being a sober women and mother. Her page is filled with honest, insightful, and fun posts about what she is going through and how she chooses to approach life in sobriety. From the highs to the lows, she covers it all! Worth a look if you want to see someone doing sobriety right! GRL PWR!


top_recovery_instagram_accountsSober Evolution

@soberevolution is a page run by Austin F. Cooper. Great dude! With a mix of funny, serious, and motivational posts, he covers all that comes to mind when you think recovery. Austin has been in recovery since 2013 and is an inspiration to the entire community. With a following of over 50,000 people, he has a strong influence to the lives of many who have chosen the path of sobriety. Really amazing things on this page.


The Top 10 Sobriety or Recovery Instagram Accounts We Like!The Sober Raver

Her name is Chelsie Cahoon, and she is @thesoberraver. She has a bit of a different story than a lot of other people on this list. She chose to stay clean and sober from a young age. She’s says she’s not officially in recovery but is a great inspiration to those of us in recovery. She shows us all that you can still have fun and enjoy life even without the use of drugs and alcohol, people in recovery need to see this. She is the owner of which aims to unite people through music. Music is the Drug!


Top 10 Sobriety or Recovery Instagram AccountRecovery Rock Stars

@recoveryrockstars is founded by Kevin Z and is out to end the stigma around addiction by sharing awesome recovery stories. He runs the “Recovery Rockstars UNCUT Podcast and produces some killer content. We love listening to him and his guests so if you are looking for some great stories and some thought provoking anecdotes check this guy out!



Top 10 Sobriety or Recovery Instagram AccountA Sober Girls Guide

@asobergirlsguide was started by a girl named Jessica Jeboult. She is a transformational coach, blogger, podcast host, motivational speaker, and overall inspiration. Her blog and podcasts involve honest conversations about mental health, self development, wellness and spirituality. We love her stuff. Well worth the look!


Top 10 Sobriety Instagram AccountThe Sober Glow

@thesoberglow is a wife, daughter, nurse, and yoga instructor who decided to give up alcohol in 2015 to live a better life. She wants to help anyone who is interested in sobriety and inspire them to live the same healthy lifestyle. Check her out if your sober-curious, wish you didn’t drink so much, or are just having a hard time socializing without using. She has some great insights!


Sober Movement

@sobermovement is a nonprofit with a mission to promote the lifestyle of sobriety with online support groups and awesome community events. Mark and I love everything this organization is doing. Reading the stories of all the people they post about is truly inspiring and gives us the motivation to keep going. We highly recommend following them if you already don’t.


 Sobriety Instagram AccountSober Bro

Check out @sober_bro if you need some motivation to start chasing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. Sobriety, business, hip-hop, and much more. Roman Braly covers it all and shares his interests with the rest of us! A great page and one definitely worth taking a peek at!


Sober Witch

@soberwitch is all about community and spirituality. She keeps it real with all of her followers and expresses herself thoughtfully. She organizes and holds events for other “sober sisters” in sobriety and is a true inspiration to the community.


These Instagram accounts and people are striving to be a positive influence to those who are choosing to follow them. We think that anything or anybody that helps people to suffer a little less from their addiction should be getting more credit. These people made a choice to help others and we think they are doing a fucking great job at it. So be inspired to help others or to start your own recovery network. Check them out and let us know in the comments if there are any people or pages you think we should know about and keep on supporting recovery with this new platform.

Written By: Aaron and Mark

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