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5 Ways to Keep it Simple in Recovery

Why Keeping it Simple is Important?

Most of us in recovery have heard the term Keep it Simple. It is one of the many catch phrases used by those of us in the community to help us stay sober. We need to keep our lives simple.  The second things get complicated we get stressed and stress leads to relapse. This is especially important for those of us in early recovery or those of us who are particularly complicated (You know who you are). I have compiled a short list of things that will help you simplify your life and give yourself a fighting chance. We don’t say K.I.S.S., keep it simple stupid, for nothing.

Tips to Keeping it Simple:

  1. Get a Daily Planner. You have no idea how your life will change for the better by simply writing things down. This will simplify your life and free up time for doing the things you love
  2. Hang Out With the Winners. Do a friend purge and get rid of anybody who might be bringing you down or who is a negative influence.
  3. Get into a Routine. It is shown that those of us who have a routine that is more or less the same every day have a better chance at staying sober.
  4. Work/Life Balance. Those of us that have a healthy balance between work and play feel more fulfilled and more relaxed. If you find yourself working too much remember to take some time for leisure activities.
  5. Do you want to be right or be happy? Some of us waste valuable time and energy arguing. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather be happy and spend your time laughing and having fun? You can! Above all, just let go and let god.

Practice is Key

We may have heard these tips over and over again by other people in recovery. The real challenge is actually taking these tips and applying them to our lives. Knowing and doing are two very different things. (But you already know that). We can start each day of our recovery by thinking about these concepts and trying to apply them to our lives. Consequently, the alternative would be to face like jails, institutions, and death. It will be hard at first but so is anything worthwhile.

How do I remind myself to “Keep it Simple”?

This is different for everyone but what is important here is to remember to connect! Connect with your higher power, with your sponsor, or anyone you see as you walk into those doors of a meeting. And if you really want a good reminder, you can check out this shirt we created after being inspired by this classic recovery phrase. By connecting with something other than yourself, you will surely be reminded of what is truly important in life. One of those things being to KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Certainly try some of these tips in your life and see how much keeping it simple can help your recovery.

Written By: Mark and Aaron (Amend Apparel)

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5 Ways to Keep It Simple in Recovery
Most of us in recovery have heard the term Keep it Simple. It is one of the many catch phrases used by those of us in the community to help us stay clean.
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