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Sex, No Drugs, and Rock N Roll: How To Have Fun in Recovery

A lot of us thought that all the fun was over when we had to stop drinking or getting high every day. But the truth was, we weren’t actually enjoying ourselves in the first place. Recovery, at least for us, has shown us how to truly appreciate and enjoy life without the need to use drugs or drink. You definitely get more out of life experiences and things are much more meaningful when you can actually remember them! Take a look at how we still have fun in recovery.

Be Adventurous

Remember not having money to do anything? (Besides buying more drugs and sitting in your friends’ basement watching reruns of “Two and a Half Men”). One of the best things about being in recovery is you naturally have more money to do things. You now can take that trip you always wanted. You can buy your mom something special for her birthday. You can afford to go to restaurants other than Taco Bell. Or better yet, you don’t have to steal burritos from the gas station anymore! (We’ve all been there). The point is, you get to experience a lot more when you have the means to do so. Life becomes an adventure again and you get so much more out of it!

Rock N Roll

When I first entered recovery, I thought all the things I used to do when I got fucked up were over. How could I enjoy a concert again? How could I watch a movie without smoking some weed first? You mean to tell me I can go to a party and not wake up the next day, passed out in my neighbor’s child’s sandbox? Since I got sober, I’ve been to many music concerts, have watched hundreds of movies, and actually played in a sandbox with my niece. And you know what? I enjoyed every second of doing those things. I always hear people say, “You can still do anything you want! Just don’t pick up”. Its that simple and is absolutely true!

Hang Out With Other People In Recovery

You will find that in recovery the people that really understand who you are and what you’re about are other people in recovery. You can really be open and talk about all the fucked up shit you have been through that would otherwise make “normies” run for the door. Try to hang with people from the meetings outside of the meetings and pretty soon you will be laughing and joking about that one time you were so hungry you broke into your neighbor’s house and ate his cereal. Personally all my best friends are in recovery but I still hang with some old friends, ONLY the ones who do not use.

Find A Cool Hobby

Most of us are extremely good at figuring stuff out, beating the system, getting away with stuff, learning something new. Why not use that talent for good not evil? You will find that when it comes to playing music, creating art, writing, painting, or designing, that you have a natural talent. Pretty much anything that could be a fulfilling hobby you will be able to do at an above average level when you are living clean. There is a correlation between above average intelligence and addiction potential. The point is, you need something to do with your free time other than what you used to do. Idle hands are the devils workshop and you need to get out of that workshop and into your own.

Last Words

Overall, remember that just because you can’t use, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. You will find new hobbies you love, new people that are fun to be around, and new places that you will enjoy exploring without the use of drugs or alcohol. Life is waiting for you! Go enjoy it!


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Written By: Mark and Aaron

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